A day without road fatalities in Europe – DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE is on tour for safer roads

The third European Day without a Road Death (EDWARD) will be held on 19 September 2018. A day without a single fatality on the road is the ambitious goal of this joint project of the European Commission and the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL). This initiative day is also all about raising awareness of dangers on the road.

Developed in 1993 by the Verband Deutscher Sektkellereien along with other associations in the German alcohol sector, the DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE (DDAD) campaign supports EDWARD with its own initiatives. After all, the aim of DDAD is to reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents and thus road fatalities.

Although there is an alcohol ban for young and new drivers in Germany, nearly 20 per cent of all drink-drivers involved in accidents are aged 18 to 24 and thus involved in alcohol-related accidents at a rate higher than average. One of the primary reasons is the driver’s overestimation of their skills. If you add alcohol to the mix, this significantly increases the risk of an accident. The DDAD Academy has been visiting vocational schools throughout Germany for several years now to convince young drivers to either leave their car at home or avoid alcohol. There the DDAD Academy team reaches a young, vehicle-oriented target group which represents a credible multiplier of the message ‘Don’t drink and drive!’

The 2018 DDAD Academy events are held in Schleswig-Holstein under the patronage of the Minister of Transport Dr Bernd Buchholz. On the European Day without a Road Death on 19 September, the DDAD Academy will visit the Eckener Schule vocational school in Flensburg. Pupils will have the opportunity to try out a new virtual reality drink-driving simulator under the direction of a specially trained team of young adults. With a simulated blood-alcohol content of 0.08, pupils will be able to experience how alcohol affects their ability to drive. The ability to see suffers, response times slow down, speeds are incorrectly estimated, and steering movements become uncoordinated. There will also be information about the effects on insurance, legal consequences and the point system of the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). Further information about DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE can be found under RESPONSIBILITY.

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